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The Manitoba Association of Home Economists can benefit you as a Student member through provincial conferences and local events and provides the opportunity for members to network with others in the profession. This can lead to information sharing, valuable professional contacts, possible job contracts, and the development of friendships. 

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Free Student Membership

Effective September, 2014, any undergraduate/graduate student registered in a Home Economics/Human Ecology field of study may apply for free MAHE membership. As with all MAHE memberships, acceptance is subject to approval by the Admissions Committee. Renewal is required annually. The membership year is from May 1st to April 30th.

If you qualify for a free membership, you may use the online registration system at Join MAHE. If you are a renewing Student member, you may log into your online account to proceed. Forms may also be returned by mail.

  Student Member Category:

  • A person who is in the process of completing the academic qualifications required to become an active practising member, and who
  • Is enrolled in an undergraduate university program in home economics/human ecology for a minimum of eighteen credit hours per academic year, or
  • Is enrolled in graduate study in home economics/human ecology for a minimum of six months of the membership year and to a maximum of four years.
  • Student members may hold appointive office, but are not entitled to vote, nor hold elective office, nor use the professional title and designation.

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Reduced Rates for New Graduates

New graduates within the first year of graduation are eligible for a reduced rate membership. Joining MAHE after graduation allows you to apply to enter the IPHE/Interim Professional Home Economist program which leads to professional status.

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