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What is MAHE?...

The Manitoba Association of Home Economists, i.e. MAHE, is a professional organization that represents Home Economists and Human Ecologists throughout the province. As professionals, we are committed to empowering individuals, families, and communities with the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a desirable quality of life.

To encourage your participation in MAHE from the time you begin your study of human ecology/home economics membership for undergraduate/graduate students is free. See Join MAHE for more information.

Why is it relevant to me, as a Human Ecologist?...

We continue to call ourselves the Manitoba Association of Home Economists because this name ties directly to the Professional Home Economists Act. This Act gives members the legislated right to use the Professional Home Economist (PHEc) designation, for both Home Economists and Human Ecologists.

When can I become a PHEc?...

There are different classifications of practice within MAHE. Students are eligible for student status. Those who hold a valid degree in Home Economics or Human Ecology, are eligible for Interim Professional Home Economist (IPHE) status. The IPHE Program is designed to further professionalism by pairing you with a mentor and serves to provide an introduction to the Association. It is not academic in nature, does not deal with technical expertise, nor is it a supervised work experience. Once the IPHE program has been successfully completed, the IPHE member is eligible to become a Professional Home Economist (PHEc), so long as they have a valid membership and are an active practicing member of MAHE.

How can MAHE benefit me?...

Through provincial conferences and local events, MAHE provides the opportunity for members to network with others in the profession. This can lead to information sharing, valuable professional contacts, possible job contracts, and the development of friendships. MAHE regularly receives job notices relevant to our members. These include student jobs, positions for new professionals, part-time positions, and senior managerial positions in a wide variety of organizations throughout the province. MAHE notifies members electronically about new job postings.

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