Faculty Closure - University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba undertook an Academic Structure initiative to reduce the number of faculites in the university from 20 to 13. The rationale was for cost effectiveness in tough budgetary/cutback times, but also was an attempt to modernize the university. Unfortunately, with this initiative the Faculty of Human Ecology was closed.

Click here to view MAHE's Position Statement (Document last updated 04-March-2013).
MAHE members may view an internal document summarizing the situation at the University of Manitoba, MAHE's current activity, and areas of concern by logging into the Member area. (Document last updated 18-November-2014).

In addition to developing the position statement, MAHE has had meetings with the Deans of Human Ecology and Education, as well as the Vice President Academic and Provost. Letters were sent to :

Resolutions were submitted to and approved by the Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba (PCWM) (PCWM resolution). and the Manitoba Women's Institute (MWI resolution).

In 2013, the University sent out letters for a fundraising campaign suggesting alumni leave a legacy to the university. As an alumnus our 2011-2013 President, Debora Durnin-Richards sent a letter to Dr. Barnard in response.

In July, 2013, a meeting was held with Dean Trevan of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and a follow-up letter was sent in August. (see letter)

Town Hall Forum on the Future of the Faculty

A very successful, well-attended Town Hall Forum was held October 25, 2013 in conjunction with the annual MAHE conference. There were many people involved in the faculy restructuring campaign who spoke at the Forum, including the following:

Media reports on the restructuring:

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