Middle and Senior Years Home Economics Curriculum Renewal

View the updated Middle Years Human Ecology curriculum and the new Senior Years curriculum for Manitoba on the Manitoba Education website

Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning implemented the Middle Years Home Economics Curriculum in fall 2016 after three years of work. The team who worked on this initiative was composed of five urban and rural Home Economics teachers, a University of Manitoba representative and the project lead from the Department. Seven essential foundations were integrated across the disciplines of study (Food, Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, and Family Studies) with the revitalization of the Middle and Senior Years Curriculum. The new curriculum is a progression of Home Economics with a new logo, the renewed name of Human Ecology, as well as, themes that will provide flexibility for the disciplines of Food, Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles and Family Studies.

A Senior Years Home Economics Curriculum renewal took place as well with system-wide implementation in fall 2019.

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