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For a full explanation of membership categories visit our Membership Categories page
For detailed information on membership dues and other fees, see the General Information and Instructions document (PDF)

Annual Membership Dues

Credentials – New applicants to the IPHE or Active Practising classes of membership must provide credentials documents before membership can be approved. Review your credential requirements on the General Information and Instructions document (PDF).

Renewing Members and Reinstated Members - Please note that for renewing members, a $15 late renewal fee will be incurred for renewals after May 1 but prior to August 31st. Where renewal is not made by August 31st, membership is deemed to have lapsed and a Reinstatement fee of $30 is assessed in addition to the annual dues. Members wishing to be reinstated will need to provide credentials in the form of a resume and a listing of their continuing education activities undertaken since their last membership.
This does not apply to new member applications or Student renewals.

Prorated dues are available to new applicants (only) as of November 1st annually. Prorated dues are not available to renewing members or previous members and do not affect IFHE dues amounts.

Annual Dues Full Dues Reduced Dues Available to:  
MAHE Regular member (Active Practising, IPHE and Affiliate members working more than 10 hours per week) $150.00 $95.00 Persons employed for ten or less hours per week (i.e. Active Practising, IPHE, Retired or Affiliate) or new graduates within the first year of graduation.
    Free Students (undergraduate/graduate students registered in the Home Economics/Human Ecology field of study. Renewal is required annually.
IFHE (International Federation of Home Economists) membership $110.00 $50.00

IFHE Student membership (undergraduate/graduate)

Note: A $4.50 processing fee applies to all dues paid via PayPal.    


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