Member FAQs

Why are we the Manitoba Association of Home Economists when we are graduates of various faculties?

Great question! We continue to call ourselves the Manitoba Association of Home Economists because this name ties directly to the Professional Home Economists Act of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba. This Act gives us the legislated right to call ourselves Professionals. We hold this ability to call ourselves Professionals very dearly so we continue to use the wording prescribed by our Act. In addition, Home Economist is the term most often used throughout the world by those in the profession.

Now that there is no Faculty of Human Ecology at the University of Manitoba, what has happened to annual dues and designation?

The Manitoba Association of Human Economists remains a registered professional association incorporated under Manitoba legislation, The Professional Home Economists Act (1990). MAHE is currently working with the Faculties of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Medicine and Education to ensure that a Human Ecology Program of study will continue to exist. Dialogue in relation to a needs assessment for skills for home economics teachers is also taking place which will benefit the future teachers of Home Economics.
MAHE’s annual dues, the PHEc designation and the practice of home economics will continue to be regulated by the Association. We are always recruiting volunteers to help out with board activities. If you are interested in volunteering with the Association, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do I have to record and submit points for Continuing Education or Professional Development?

As of February 28, 2009 MAHE members do not need to record or submit points for Continuing Education or Professional Development. 

However, you do have an obligation to seek continuous professional growth in order to maintain your professional competence as outlined in the MAHE Code of  Professional Conduct.  In other words, while you do not have to submit evidence of your professional development, you do, as a requirement of being a PHEc, have to undertake activities that will ensure your continuing education and professional development. MAHE has created a document outlining the requirements for continuing education as well as examples of options members may use to fulfil those requirements.

Upon renewal of your membership each year, you will be asked to declare your compliance with the Code of Conduct which includes maintaining personal professional competence and seeking continuous professional growth.

How do I use the PHEc designation properly?

The PHEc designation may only be used by Active Practising members of the Manitoba Association of Home Economists. The following are guidelines for correctly using the designation:

  • PHEc is shown without periods between the letters or at the end.
  • It is used on its own, without reference to the Bachelor of Human Ecology/Home Economics.

Mary Smith, PHEc        (NOT Mary Smith, PHEc, B.HEc.)

  • It may be used in combination with other degrees.  Professional designations supersede degrees; therefore, if other degrees are listed they should follow the designation.  Degrees are listed in priority according to rank and are separated by commas.  For example:

Mary Smith, PHEc, M.Ed.

I need to replace my professional ring - how do I do this?

Information on ordering a new or replacement professional ring can be found on this site under Students - Purchasing Rings

What do I need in order to apply to be a member?

Click here for a link to Register for Membership

What you need will depend on what category of membership you belong to.  There are six categories of membership:
1.    Active Practising
2.    Interim Professional Home Economist (IPHE)
3.    Student
4.    Retired
5.    Conditional
6.    Honourary
7.    Affiliate

To determine which category is best for you and the membership requirements look under the Join MAHE tab or the detailed description of the categories of membership.  If you’re still unclear, contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What and When is World Home Economics Day?

World Home Economics Day, March 21st, is celebrated each year by the International Federation for Home Economics and its member organizations throughout the world.  It is a day to celebrate the profession and its contribution to individuals, families and communities around the world.

Typically, MAHE plans a celebratory event to commemorate the day close to or on that date each year.  Look for more information about this year’s event in the Events section.

When and Where is the MAHE AGM and Conference?

MAHE’s Annual General Meeting is typically held in October or November, at least 30 days after the end of our fiscal year – August 31. This timing allows for a complete accounting review of our financial statements before they are presented to the membership at the AGM.

The AGM is typically held in conjunction with a provincial conference that brings together home economists throughout Manitoba.  The conference often runs from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening.  Locations vary throughout the province.

Generally conferences include:

  • a keynote speaker who focuses on a timely topic of relevance to the home economics/human ecology profession
  • additional speakers who may tie into the keynote address or may focus on specific areas of professional practice
  • interesting tours that are frequently arranged as part of the conference and
  • a display area for organizations with information or products that may be of interest to the profession

Members always have great fun learning, networking and socializing at the Provincial conference and AGM.