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Cooking with Mushrooms


Title: Cooking with Mushrooms


Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Presenter: Heather Deibert, PHEc
Eating habits are changing and everyone is looking for ways to reduce calories and costs. Want a solution? "The Trend is to Blend!" 
Learn how to blend finely-chopped umami rich mushrooms with a portion of ground meat in your favourite summer recipes. Mushrooms and ground meat combine to provide a better nutritional punch with all the taste and texture your guests expect.
Finely chopped mushrooms add an extra serving of vegetables by enhancing and extending the meat.  Fresh mushrooms may look simple but they have a whole lot going for them in the nutrition department! Learn all about fresh mushrooms and the varieties we grow locally, and how nutritious they are for you.

DIY Spa Products


MAHE TV – May 13, 2014 DIY Spa Products at Home


Making your own home spa products is all the rage. Watch for tips and ideas on how you can get started at home.


With a few simple ingredients you can create scrubs and masks or get a bit more adventurous with fizzy bath bombs or lip balm using Manitoba beeswax.


Use them yourself, package them for gifts, host a party or get the kids involved.  Your options are endless. 


Segment One:


Sweet Sugar or Salt Scrub This all-purpose scrub removes dead skin cells to reveal new, soft skin. And it is so easy to make!


1 1/2 cups    white sugar or Epsom salts  3/4 cup    canola oil 


Mix together in a bowl using a spoon. Use on hands, arms, feet, or elbows. Rub in well. Rinse with cold water. Avoid the eye area and always best to do a test patch. Store in re-sealable container.


Note: Make more using a 2 to 1 ratio of sugar or salt to canola oil. Recipe credit: www.canolaeatwell.com


Beach Sand Foot Scrub This refreshing and cooling foot scrub softens feet while leaving them feeling refreshed and smelling great!


1 1/2 cups    canola oil    25 mL 3/4 cup    fine, clean beach sand  25 mL 3-5 drops     peppermint oil   3-5 drops


Mix together in a bowl using a spoon.  Massage scrub onto feet, concentrating especially on problem areas. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. Store in re-sealable container.


Note: Purchase clean beach sand from a craft store or rinse thoroughly with boiling water before using. Recipe credit: www.canolaeatwell.com Avocado-Ginger Moisture Mask Tired of sprouting or just throwing away avocado pits? Here’s a great soothing way to use them.


2-3     fresh avocado pits  2-3 1/4-1/2 cup    thick yogurt   60-125 mL ¼ tsp    ground ginger  1 mL 1 Tbsp   canola oil   15 mL


Allow the avocado pits to dry for 2 days on the counter, but not to the point of becoming rock hard or they will break your spice mill.  Using a spice mill or coffee grinder, grind the dried pits to create a grainy, mealy powder. 


Add enough yogurt to create a paste. Add the ginger and canola oil.  Stir well.


Sitting or standing in the bathtub or shower, pat the paste all over your body using a circular motion.  Don’t forget to apply to your face too.


Leave on for 10 minutes, then shower, first with warm water, then cooler water and pat yourself dry. Recipe credit: www.canolaeatwell.com


Segment Two:


Minty Manitoba Lip Balm A smooth, soothing lip balm that will keep your lips kissable all year long!


1 Tbsp grated unbleached beeswax or beads 15mL 2 Tbsp  canola oil     30 mL 1 tsp   liquid honey     5 mL 5 - 6 drops  peppermint essential oil    5-6 drops


Place all ingredients a small jar, tin or heat proof container.  Fill a small saucepan with 2.5 cm (1 inch) of water.  Place tin in water.  Bring to a simmer. 


Stir with a wooden stick until completely melted.  Remove pan from heat.  Pour into pot or tubes.  Let sit until completely set (30 minutes).


To use: Rub finger over pot surface a few times, then rub on lips or twist bottom of tube to push balm up about 3 mm (1/8 inch) to rub over lips.  Repeat as necessary to keep lips feeling smooth and protected.


Yield: 45 ml (3 Tbsp) or 3 15 ml pots or 6 to 7 ml lip balm tubes. Recipe credit: www.canolaeatwell.com


Fizzy Bath Bombs A soothing, fizzy treat that can be added to your bath.


1/2 cup    baking soda     125 mL 1/4 cup    cornstarch     60 mL 3 Tbsp    canola oil     45 mL 1/2 tsp    essential or fragrance oil   2 mL 4-6 drops    food colouring    4-6 drops water in spray bottle 1/4 cup    citric acid     60 mL     mould for shaping bombs


Mix the baking soda and cornstarch together. Add the canola oil, the drops of food colouring and the essential/fragrance oil.


Using a spray bottle, mist the mixture lightly one time. Mix well until there are no lumps and the color is well blended. Add the citric acid. Heap as much of the mixture as possible into a mould. Press down very firmly packing the mixture well. Do not add more mixture to the mould after firmly packing it as it will not create a cohesive bath bomb. Let the bath bomb air dry for 1-2 days on a baking rack.


Note: use Lavender essential oil as well as 1/2 tsp (2mL) of dried lavender blossoms. Add the lavender blossoms when mixing the baking soda and cornstarch together. Recipe credit: www.canolaeatwell.com



"Egg"stravaganza; Tuesday, April 8th, 2014


Presenter: Sheila Stark-Perreault, PHEc


Contact: www.mahe.ca


Organization: Manitoba Association of Home Economists


Summary: Eggs abound. In the first segment join Sheila as she talks with the host briefly about traditional egg decorating and dyes. See how easy it is to make natural dyes. Then Sheila along with two of her students, Abby and Elicia, will showcase a variety of decorative and unique ways to creativley get your "eggs all in a row" for Easter. Safely get your kids involved with all the fun.


In the second segment, Sheila will introduce some fun with food ideas for the lunch box or snacking. The kids will love to help make them and better yet, love to eat them up.


Don't miss out on the "Egg"citing ideas!

St Patrick's Day


Presenter: Nancy Schneider, PHEc


Contact: www.mahe.ca


March brings St Patrick's Day and lots of fun. Let's make potato soup in a jar to share with all your want-to-be Irish friends. Using six simple ingredients you will make a mixture which can be stored in a jar. When you are ready for potato soup, just add boiling water, stir and enjoy.


To be fashionable when eating your soup, we will also learn how to make a rainbow necklace from cereal.


Both of these activities are child friendly, and great activities to do with your kids.





2 cups potato flakes


1 3/4 cups powdered milk


2 tbsp chicken or vegetable bouillon


2 tsp onion flakes or minced onion


2 tsp dried parsley


1/4 tsp dried thyme


Mix all ingredients in a bowl.


Place into a jar (use a funnel for fewer spills)


Attach instructions: add 1 cup of boiling water to 1/2 cup of mixture and stir. Add salt & pepper to taste.

Valentine's Activities


Presenter: Nancy Schneider, PHEc


Organization: Manitoba Association of Home Economists


Contact: www.MAHE.ca


Summary: Valentine's is almost here. It's always fun to serve theme related food during holidays, but what if you don't have a heart shaped pan? We will learn how to create a heart shaped cake simply using a round and square cake. Quick and easy, and no need to purchase yet another specialized pan!


We will also discover how, with a few simple cuts, to make a paper plate into a heart. The heart plate can be used as a decoration or turned into a card to be "served up" with the cake.


Simple and fun ways to express your love.