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Spooktacular Treats!

Presenter: Nancy Schneider, PHEc

Organization: Manitoba Association of Home Economists

Contact: www.mahe.ca

Title: Spooktacular Treats

Summary: Getting ready for Halloween. Nancy will demonstrate some fun activities that all members of the family can do.

First, a decoration. Using leftover ducting, we will create a pumpkin. All that is needed is ducting, paint and extra wire. To create an even more realistic pumpkin, you can even add a stick for a stem.

Next, we will make some quick and easy snacks for the family. Using melted chocolate, pretzel rods, and a few other ingredients, we will create mummies, ghosts, and witches fingers to eat and share. They make a spooktacular snack.


Farm to School Video

Farm to School was hugely successful this year! Please click here to see a fantastic youtube video produced by MAHE member Sheila Stark-Perrault and her class for Farm to School!

Healthy School Fundraising and Veggie Soup Recipe

It's Veggie Time: Farm to School Healthy Choice Fundraiser Goes Province Wide to all Schools and Licensed Daycares in Manitoba.

Celebrate Veggies with Veggie Soup

Organization: Farm to School Healthy Choice Fundraiser

Presenter: Adriana Barros, PHEc

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or   http://www.farmtoschoolmanitoba.ca

Title: Healthy Choice School Fundraising and Veggie Soup Recipe

Summary: Adriana shares information about a new healthy choice fundraising opportunity for schools and daycares, including who benefits from the fundraiser. The available vegetable bundles will be on display and she discusses why this type of fundraiser is so important.

Using vegetables featured in the fundraiser, Adriana shares a veggie soup recipe. She also highlights how to get kids involved in food preparation and how to get them eating more veggies!

For More Information: Parents, teachers and fundraising coordinators should visit http://www.farmtoschoolmanitoba.ca and many recipes with Manitoba veggies are featured at http://www.peakmarket.com .





Harvesting, Sharing, and Enjoying Fresh Fruit

Presenter: Getty Stewart, PHEc

Organization: Manitoba Association of Home Economists

Contact: www.gettystewart.com

Title: Harvesting, Sharing and Enjoying Prairie Fruit


Professional Home Economist and Author, Getty Stewart explores the variety, bounty and beauty of prairie fruit. Learn about how a volunteer organization, Fruit Share, connects homeowners who have surplus fruit in their backyard with volunteers who pick that fruit and share it equally between homeowners, volunteer pickers and community groups who can use fruit. Getty will also share some of her favourite recipes from her recently released Prairie Fruit Cookbook. The book is the definitive resource for harvesting, preserving and preparing 11 different prairie fruits.



Life Story Work

Presenter: Norma Kirkby, PHEc,  Program Director, Alzheimer Society of Manitoba

Organization: Alzheimer Society of Manitoba

Contact: www.alzheimer.mb.ca

Title: Life Story Work

Summary:  A person's lif e story provides a record for family and friends. Life story information is especially helpful for those who will provide care if a person is experiencing memory loss related to dementia. Norma Kirkby, PHEc, Program Director with the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba will share the who, what, when, where and why of doing life story work.