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January Snow Fun


January Snow fun


Presenter: Nancy Schneider, PHEc


Organization: Manitoba Association of Home Economists


Contact: www.MAHE.ca


Summary: It has been a long cold winter.  There have been so many days where the kids just can’t go outside to play.  As Manitobans we love our winters, so what to do to enjoy the snow but still keep warm?  How about a snowflake quesadilla?  It’s easy to make and fun to eat.  This is easy enough to let the children help, which of course will encourage them to eat it as well.


 Snowman building is a winter activity that all ages enjoy, but it’s too cold to go out?  Make a snowman inside.  Using felt, create the pieces that will allow you to “build” your snowman.  We will learn how to make the basic snowman pieces, but let your imagination run wild.  You could even create a snowman building competition.  This activity can be pulled out anytime throughout the winter.  You may even want to play with it in the summer when it is +30!






Bacon Marmalade


Bacon Marmalade


Presenter: Laurel Lyons, PHEc


Organization: Manitoba Association of Home Economists and Manitoba Pork


Contact: www.mahe.ca


Title: Bacon Marmalade (December 10, 2013)


Summary: Laurel shows you how to prepare Bacon Marmalade and provides some unique ways to share it during the holidays.


In segment one, Laurel shows you the steps and equipment needed  to make your own Bacon Marmalade. She’ll take you through the recipe and provide some tips and tricks to ensure a tasty final product.

In segment two, Laurel completes the Bacon Marmalade in the food processer and stores it in small mason jars. Decorate the mason jars with ribbons or bows for a festive gift idea. Bacon Marmalade can be used as a topping to burgers, mixed in with your eggs for breakfast or eaten on top of crackers for a mid-afternoon snack. Every meal tastes better when you add bacon!








Teacher Gifts


Presenter: Nancy Schneider, PHEc


Organization: Manitoba Association of Home Economists


Contact: www.mahe.ca


Title: Teacher gift ideas (November 12, 2013)


Summary: Nancy shares tips and ideas on ways for your child to thank their teacher. The holidays are a time we often give a little something to those that have played a part in our lives.  We will explore ways to acknowledge the work teachers have done that will be meaningful for the teacher and the child.   These ideas can be used for school teachers, early childhood educators, dance or music instructors, or anyone else that is helping to shape your child. When purchasing a gift for an educator, keep in mind that there are about 20-30 other children in the class.  There is the potential for many gifts.  To create a unique gift, ensure your child has played a role in creating the gift.  For example, take an item used frequently in the class room and class it up.  Decorate a hand sanitizer bottle with rub-ons and create a cute card to go with it.  Both of these will be demonstrated during segment one.  This idea can also be used for other bottles such as hand cream or soap.  Another idea is to personalize a picture frame.  Have the child paint it and add some embellishments, customizing it for the teacher.


Segment two will show how to create a mini bulletin board from cork.  A handy item for the class or at home.   We will discuss a couple of ways to decorate and personalize the board. If you have younger children, resources and items for the classroom are often appreciated, as the educator frequently purchases these from their own funds.  You may include stickers, books, or even resource books.  And of course a bag to carry all the supplies in is always appreciated.


Sometimes it is not possible to find the perfect gift.  If giving a gift card, you can still have the child involved.  Have them decorate and personalize an envelope for the gift card. 


A Haunting Good Time


A Haunting Good Time:  Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 


City TV- a.m. Breakfast Television


Presenter:  Sheila Stark-Perreault, PHEc


Organization:  Manitoba Association of Home Economists


Contact:  www.MAHE.ca


Summary:  Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins.  In the first segment join Sheila as she talks with the host briefly about traditional pumpkin carving.  Sheila will then showcase a variety of decorative and unique ways to creatively get your Pumpkin Parade ready for Halloween.  Safely get your kids involved with all the fun as these are non-carved versions of pumpkin perfection.


In the second segment Sheila will introduce some easy Halloween costume ideas- from the traditional to the unique.  Sheila and the host will create a simple costume idea together, followed by a student fashion show of homemade costume ideas.


Don’t miss out on these Halloween Happenings!!!


Farm to School 2013


Breakfast TV Farm to School Manitoba September 10, 2013 It's Veggie Time: Farm to School Veggie Fundraiser Goes Province Wide to all Schools and licensed daycares in Manitoba.


Celebrate Veggies with Veggie Fries


Presenter: Adriana Barros, PHEc


Organization: Executive Coordinator, Farm to School Manitoba Healthy Choice Fundraiser


Contact:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Title: Farm to School Healthy Choice Fundraising and Veggie Fries recipe


Summary: Adriana shares about the return of a healthy choice fundraising opportunity for schools and daycares across Manitoba. She shares information on student benefits associated with the fundraiser as well as its past years success. The veggie bundles will be on display and why this type of fundraiser is so important.


Adriana shares a Veggie Fries with a Curry Aioli recipe using veggies featured in the fundraiser. Adriana will also highlight how to get your kids involved in food prep and eating more veggies!


More Information: http://www.farmtoschoolmanitoba.ca has information for parents, teachers and fundraising coordinators. http://www.peakmarket.comfeatures many recipes with Manitoba veggies.