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Holiday Decor with Children

December 9, 2014 Nancy Schneider, PHEc Segment 1 Wreaths have traditionally been used to decorate for the holidays. We will learn some simple ways to make wreaths with children, using items most people have around their home. We will discuss different “forms” that can be used to create the base of the wreath. This will include cardboard, pool noodle, and a grapevine wreath. Next we will discuss what can be used to decorate or cover the wreath. We will look at suing tulle, fun foam shapes, ribbon, pipe cleaners and greenery. During the discussion we will “building” demonstrate one or two wreaths. Examples of other seasonal wreaths will be available to see how these items can be used throughout the year. Segment 2 Wrapping paper or gift bag? How about a combination of both! Wrapping paper generally can be used only once, but if you create a gift bag out of it you can reuse the paper over and over. We will learn a simple way to fold and tape wrapping paper that will provide you with a gift bag when done. There will be a completed sample to view and we will demonstrate the folding and taping so people can see it being made. If your child is an artist, you may want to use some of their paintings to create the gift bags!