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Summer Memories

Presenter: Nancy Schneider, PHEc Organization: Manitoba Association of Home Economists Contact: www.mahe.ca Summary: Nancy shares ways to help keep summer memories alive all year long. Segment 1 The collection: Every child loves to collects shells, rocks, twigs etc. when at the beach. What do you do with treasures when you go home? We will explore a couple of options that will allow the child to safely keep their treasures and remember their vacation. First, why not display them. All you need is a clear container. In the container place sand from the beach. Next add any of the treasures that were brought home. You may need to move the treasures a bit to find the perfect fit. Finally, you may want to add a note or photo of the trip. Close the lid and secure. This can be placed on a shelf or dresser for the child to see. We will create a display container. If the child was a stone collector, you may have larger stones that won’t fit in a container. These can be used for gifts or decoration. Painted, the smaller ones can become paperweights; larger can become doorstops. Or you can look at the stone and imagine what it is. Paint to reflect your vision. Or you may have several stones that together create a new shape, for example a foot step. You now have a lovely decoration for your garden or home. I will bring a couple of examples.

Segment 2 Shirt pillow For older children, memories are often made at camp. A shirt from camp or purchased for camp can hold wonderful memories of the camp experience. Unfortunately, children grow so quickly that the shirt will probably not fit next year. What do you do with the shirt to help the child remember the fun times? You make a pillow that can go with them on other adventures. Learn how to transform a shirt into a pillow in five easy steps. Detailed instructions can be found at homefamily.net under the blog summer memories. I will bring a shirt, partially done so we can complete it on the segment. .