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January Snow Fun


January Snow fun


Presenter: Nancy Schneider, PHEc


Organization: Manitoba Association of Home Economists


Contact: www.MAHE.ca


Summary: It has been a long cold winter.  There have been so many days where the kids just can’t go outside to play.  As Manitobans we love our winters, so what to do to enjoy the snow but still keep warm?  How about a snowflake quesadilla?  It’s easy to make and fun to eat.  This is easy enough to let the children help, which of course will encourage them to eat it as well.


 Snowman building is a winter activity that all ages enjoy, but it’s too cold to go out?  Make a snowman inside.  Using felt, create the pieces that will allow you to “build” your snowman.  We will learn how to make the basic snowman pieces, but let your imagination run wild.  You could even create a snowman building competition.  This activity can be pulled out anytime throughout the winter.  You may even want to play with it in the summer when it is +30!