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Bacon Marmalade


Bacon Marmalade


Presenter: Laurel Lyons, PHEc


Organization: Manitoba Association of Home Economists and Manitoba Pork


Contact: www.mahe.ca


Title: Bacon Marmalade (December 10, 2013)


Summary: Laurel shows you how to prepare Bacon Marmalade and provides some unique ways to share it during the holidays.


In segment one, Laurel shows you the steps and equipment needed  to make your own Bacon Marmalade. She’ll take you through the recipe and provide some tips and tricks to ensure a tasty final product.

In segment two, Laurel completes the Bacon Marmalade in the food processer and stores it in small mason jars. Decorate the mason jars with ribbons or bows for a festive gift idea. Bacon Marmalade can be used as a topping to burgers, mixed in with your eggs for breakfast or eaten on top of crackers for a mid-afternoon snack. Every meal tastes better when you add bacon!