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Teacher Gifts


Presenter: Nancy Schneider, PHEc


Organization: Manitoba Association of Home Economists


Contact: www.mahe.ca


Title: Teacher gift ideas (November 12, 2013)


Summary: Nancy shares tips and ideas on ways for your child to thank their teacher. The holidays are a time we often give a little something to those that have played a part in our lives.  We will explore ways to acknowledge the work teachers have done that will be meaningful for the teacher and the child.   These ideas can be used for school teachers, early childhood educators, dance or music instructors, or anyone else that is helping to shape your child. When purchasing a gift for an educator, keep in mind that there are about 20-30 other children in the class.  There is the potential for many gifts.  To create a unique gift, ensure your child has played a role in creating the gift.  For example, take an item used frequently in the class room and class it up.  Decorate a hand sanitizer bottle with rub-ons and create a cute card to go with it.  Both of these will be demonstrated during segment one.  This idea can also be used for other bottles such as hand cream or soap.  Another idea is to personalize a picture frame.  Have the child paint it and add some embellishments, customizing it for the teacher.


Segment two will show how to create a mini bulletin board from cork.  A handy item for the class or at home.   We will discuss a couple of ways to decorate and personalize the board. If you have younger children, resources and items for the classroom are often appreciated, as the educator frequently purchases these from their own funds.  You may include stickers, books, or even resource books.  And of course a bag to carry all the supplies in is always appreciated.


Sometimes it is not possible to find the perfect gift.  If giving a gift card, you can still have the child involved.  Have them decorate and personalize an envelope for the gift card.