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Healthy School Fundraising and Veggie Soup Recipe

It's Veggie Time: Farm to School Healthy Choice Fundraiser Goes Province Wide to all Schools and Licensed Daycares in Manitoba.

Celebrate Veggies with Veggie Soup

Organization: Farm to School Healthy Choice Fundraiser

Presenter: Adriana Barros, PHEc

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or   http://www.farmtoschoolmanitoba.ca

Title: Healthy Choice School Fundraising and Veggie Soup Recipe

Summary: Adriana shares information about a new healthy choice fundraising opportunity for schools and daycares, including who benefits from the fundraiser. The available vegetable bundles will be on display and she discusses why this type of fundraiser is so important.

Using vegetables featured in the fundraiser, Adriana shares a veggie soup recipe. She also highlights how to get kids involved in food preparation and how to get them eating more veggies!

For More Information: Parents, teachers and fundraising coordinators should visit http://www.farmtoschoolmanitoba.ca and many recipes with Manitoba veggies are featured at http://www.peakmarket.com .