Fruit Share

Fruit Share is a Winnipeg-based volunteer fruit rescue program whose goal is to ensure local fruit gets harvested, shared and enjoyed. Fruit Share began in 2010 and is run by a board of volunteers. In 2015, Fruit Share entered a partnership with MAHE to allow the program to focus on fruit rescue while MAHE provided administrative support.

Fruit Share engages in a variety of innovative projects to help build awareness and membership, promote local food systems and minimize food waste. They run Fruit Connect, an online service that connects fruit owners with fruit pickers, offer recipes and tips for how to harvest, preserve and enjoy local fruit, and list community organizations that accept local fruit donations (source: Fruitshare.ca)

To learn more about Fruit Share visit www.FruitShare.ca

Want to connect to fruit owners or pickers for your fruit? Sign up for Fruit Connect