2014-2015 Board Action Plan

Our Vision, Mission and Strategic Focus

Our Vision

The Manitoba Association of Home Economists’ vision is to be the provincial voice for our multi-faceted profession.

Our Mission

The Manitoba Association of Home Economists’ mission is to support and promote the role of its members in improving the quality of life for individuals, families and communities.

Our Strategic Focus

1. The practice of home economics – supporting our members

Advocate on behalf of our members to ensure home economics education and the practice of home economics in Manitoba is strengthened; academic and practical skills are identified and integrated into post secondary education requirements; and members are recognized as highly skilled, professionally designated, and valued employees, community members and business owners.

  • Develop occupational competencies for the practice of home economics
  • Integrate identified occupational competencies into course requirements in the Faculty of Education and Faculty of Agriculture
  • Support MHETA in Middle Years and Senior Years curriculum development

2. Membership development and PHEc promotion – engaging new members

Promote our association and increase the profile of the PHEc designation by encouraging:  eligible members to apply for the designation, employers to value the designation and member connectedness.

  • Review and update membership admission requirements and present changes at the next AGM
  • Develop a recruitment strategy and public relations campaign to create positive awareness, understanding and recognition for the role of Professional Home Economists
  • Develop an informal branch/engagement structure

3. Community program partnerships and events – connecting with members

Strengthen partnerships with other professional, student and community organizations to raise the profile of MAHE, the profession and its members.


  • Fruitshare
  • Farm to School Healthy Fundraiser
  • Basic Skills for Living


  • Home Economics Day in Manitoba
  • Local Veggie Day

 Developed in 2008, adopted in 2009, updated in 2014

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