2013-2014 Board Action Plan

The following is our action plan for October 2013 to October 2014. These items represent the key focus in each area.

1.    Member Services and Communication
•    Provide current information to members on the University of Manitoba Faculty Restructuring Initiative and continue to advocate on behalf of our members to ensure a Human Ecology Program of study remains intact. - Past President/President
•    Use technology and social media to communicate effectively with members and potential members (eg. website, facebook, twitter, blog, link to homefamily.net, etc. – Director of Communications
•    Coordinate 8-10 newsletters or equivalent with connection/links to website and other resources. – Director of Communications
•    Ensure a minimum of four programming opportunities throughout the year for members to learn, network and celebrate together. – Director of Member Relations

2.    PHEc
•    Ensure effective, high quality, timely, and convenient interim professional training and mentorship via the IPHE program. – Director of Member Relations
•    Promote MAHE and the PHEc. designation in the HE Faculty via information in courses, free memberships, professional development days, MAHE emails to HESO members and Graduation Ceremony. – Director of Membership Recruitment & HESO Rep
•    Promote the PHEc. designation to the public. – Director of Public Relations

3.    Building a Voice
•    Continue the CityTV Breakfast Television series featuring PHEc.s and their practical advice for home and family.  – Director of Public Relations
•    Promote activities of the Association (TV, awards, events, World Home Ec Day, IFHE Family Day, etc.) through media releases, announcements, web updates, links to relevant sources, etc. – Director of Public Relations
•    Continue to improve the HomeFamily.net blog to promote MAHE TV and share Home Ec information with the public. – Director of Communications
•    Support the Farm to School Vegetable Fundraising Program – Past President

4.    Alliances, Partnerships and Connectedness
•    Continue to support changes to the Home Economics Middle and High School Curriculum through our connections and work with other organizations (eg. MHETA, Dieticians of Canada, Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba), and support ways to bring better nutrition and healthy living information into the schools.– Director of Internal Affairs
•    Continue to communicate with the Faculties of Human Ecology, Education and Agriculture to ensure that Human Ecology and Human Nutritional Science program graduates are well positioned for future options, including teaching. – Past President/President/Director of Internal Affairs
•    Foster stronger links with the HE Faculty and students to build alliances and recruit new members. – Director of Membership Recruitment
•    Recruit HESO representative to participate on Board Committee. – Director of Membership Recruitment
•    Continue to foster connectedness alliances, partnerships and connectedness with other organizations through special projects (eg. Farm to School Vegetable Fundraiser with Healthy Living & MAFRI) and member participation (eg. MHETA, PCWM, Heart and Stroke, etc.) – Past President/President